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Kankrej Cow

Kankrej Cow Supplier in Karnal

Vansh dairy farm has emerged as an eminent Dairy Farm Cow Trader in Haryana. We provide pure and healthy cattle by providing them with safe and hygienic farms for grazing. Moreover, our professional and experienced veterans conduct strict tests to evaluate the health and productivity of the cows. We are a Kankrej Cow Supplier in Karnal. Kankrej cow is sturdy and highly resistant to diseases such as tick fever.

The cow rarely gets contagious abortion and tuberculosis. Kankrej cow has a broad forehead that is slightly dished in the centre and has a short face with a slightly upturned nose. On an average, the cow yields 1738 kg to 1800 kg of milk during the lactation period. If you are interested in buying Kankrej cow, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with a highly productive Kankrej cow at an economical cost.

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