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Jersey Cow

Jersey Cow Supplier in Karnal

We are a well-reputed Jersey Cow Supplier in KarnalJersey cow is a small breed of dairy cattle in comparison to other breeds but it is well known for its high butterfat content milk. The milk of the Jersey cow has a great taste, consistency and higher vitamin contents. In contrast to the milk of other breeds, the milk of this cow has 20% more calcium and 18% more protein.

They have earlier first calving than other cows which is often easier. Moreover, it has less mastitis and lameness and more longevity. The temperament and size of the Jersey cow are friendly for farmers to handle and also for pasturing. Vansh dairy farmDairy cattle Supplier in Karnalaim to satisfy our clients beyond their expectations by fulfilling their demands and desires with utmost quality. You can visit us to buy this efficient and friendly cow at economical prices.

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