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HF Cow

HF Cow Supplier in Karnal

Vansh dairy farm is a proficient HF cow supplier in KarnalHF cow is a dominant cow breed in the country’s milk production industry. HF cow is characterized by a long head and long nose bridge. It produces 30 litres of milk per day on average and can be milked two or three times a day. Its milk contains about 3.8% to 4% of butterfat and 3.2% to 3.3% protein.

We ensure that the cattle offered by us are healthy, disease-free and of pure breed. This cow breed is well known for its high milk production capabilities. Its calves can easily be distinguished by their rapid growth and early maturity. These cows have a very good nature and thus, are easy to handle. This cow can provide greater income over feed costs and also possess unequaled genetic merit. Apart from that, it is easily adaptable to a wide range of environmental conditions.

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