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How to Choose the Best Murrah Buffalo from Livestock Sales Corporation?

How to decide which Murrah buffalo is the best? There are many things that you need to consider before buying the best Murrah buffalo from Karnal livestock sales corporation. A quality Murrah buffalo has a heavy frame, excellent height, and tightly curved horns.

However, you need to consider a lot more factors while selecting the best buffalo for your dairy farm. The higher the quality of the buffalo, the higher the price, and these characters also vary the cost of the buffalo.

So, next time you purchase the Murrah Buffalo, here are a few more things that you need to check. Let’s have a look.

Tips To Choose Murrah Buffalo From Livestock Sales Corporation

Good Genetics

A Murrah buffalo having good genetics and heredity line is considered the best. However, when choosing the best buffalo for your dairy farm, ensure that the buffalo has diseases resistance genes, and the breed with disease resistance gene may be costly.

Lactation Cycle

The lactation cycle also matters a lot when you have a Murrah buffalo for the diary purpose. Usually, most of the wholesale trader of Murrah buffalo in India sell the second lactation breed compared to the first lactation because the first lactation breed provides more milk and is costly than the second one.

The Murrah buffalo with the fourth lactation cycle but offering the same quantity of milk is also great because it will be available to you at a lesser price than the second lactation one.

Structure of Murrah Buffalo

The third and the most crucial thing to consider while purchasing the Murrah buffalo is structure, shape, and size. The buffalo with good height, good udder, and heavy frame will be available at a high price.

However, the buffalo with a light frame and small height may be available at a low price which might not be good for dairy purposes. So, you can choose that buffalo which is strong, sturdier and has good height.

Milk Yielding Capacity

Milk yielding capacity is the most important thing you need to consider when selecting the best Murrah buffalo. Make sure to choose a buffalo with recorded yield per lactation because it may affect the price range of the buffalo. Murrah buffalo yielding high milk per lactation will be pricier than low yielding milk.

Calf Gender

The calf gender also affects the price of the Murrah buffalo, and the buffalo with a female calf will be pricier, and the male calf with a good genetic line is also available at a high price. So, you can also choose the buffalo with a female calf if you want to raise another buffalo and achieve benefits.

Breeding Season

The breeding season also makes a difference. During winter, the Murrah buffalos are available at a cheap rate, and in the summer month, the buffalos are available at a higher price. The reason is in the summer season, the demand for milk is high.

Bottom Line

These are a few of the things that you need to consider when you buy the best Murrah buffalo with unique characteristics. Moreover, you can also negotiate the price and get the best one for your diary farms at the buying time.