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Come Join The Dairy Revolution With Vansh Dairy Farm

India is on the road to becoming the hub for the dairy sector across the globe. The global dairy sector has seen high growth and experts believe that these numbers will keep soaring. But what is contributing to the dairy economy? Is it the growth in the dairy production units or the export of cattle to countries like the USA? Well, both are contributing to the factors but the major driver for this growth is proper breeding and cattle raising on farms of Karnal, Haryana.

Vansh dairy farm is based out of Karnal, Haryana has been established in 1980 with a warehousing facility. This farm has modern equipment and facilities to accommodate cattle of different breeds. They have also been awarded as a trusted wholesale trader of Murrah buffalo in India

The journey of this dairy farm started with a vision to provide the world with better dairy farm animals. They understood that the basic requirement for any dairy product processing company is a high-yielding animal. And the basis behind such productivity is healthy cattle. Having understood that, Vansh dairy farm engaged its team of 10 members to find out the best facilities to shed cows and buffaloes and the other factors that affect the yield of these animals.

How did they bring the revolution in cattle trading?

Cattle trading has always been a tough business in India. Unlike other products and commodities, one has to deal with a live animal. The live animals have to be placed in a proper shed, fed proper meals, and provide a nutritional diet. In addition to this, there are other major factors like hygiene and medical care. If proper methods are not followed, the yield of the cows and buffaloes decreases. They produce less milk and not frequently. If they are ailing, it affects their milk tone as well. 

Dairy production units always look out for healthy livestock and after that, the breed. They also understand that milk production not only depends on the cow breed. Be it Jersey, Sahiwal cow, or HF cow, if the lifestyle and diet of the cattle are not proper, they will perish. Keeping in mind the care for the cattle and production yields for the business, Vansh dairy farm is all set with its motive of trading, supplying, and exporting high-quality cows and buffaloes.

The wholesale trading of cows and buffaloes

As mentioned earlier, Vansh dairy farm has set on a journey to revolutionize the dairy industry. They accept bulk order quantity for the following breeds:

  • HF cow
  • Murrah black buffalo
  • Pure Murrah buffalo
  • Desi Sahiwal cow
  • Desi cow
  • Jersey cow

They are the biggest wholesale trader of HF cow and Murrah buffaloes in India. But how did they achieve it? They achieved the numbers by simply following two rules which are:

  • Clean shed and fresh sanitation – Professionals take care of the cattle by cleaning their sheds regularly and bathing them properly. A clean shed leads to healthy livestock.
  • Proper diet and timely vaccinations – they have hired qualified vets to visit the shed once in a while and assess the livestock. They ensure that each animal in the shed is properly fed and adheres to the nutrition plan. Timely vaccinations ensure no diseases.

So, if you are looking to purchase cattle for your purpose, make sure to visit the official website of Vansh dairy farm and find your cattle.