Welcome to Vansh Dairy Farm

About Vansh Dairy Farm

Vansh Dairy Farm, established in 1980, is a well-known Trader and Supplier of Dairy Animals. As a client-focused business, we procure the cattle from reliable sources that ensure healthy buffaloes and cows. We are a group of highly trained and skilled specialists with extensive experience in the dairy farming industry. We procure healthy livestock Sahiwal Cow, Desi Cow, Kankrej Cow, Murrah Breed Buffalo, Jersey Cow, HF (Holstein Friesian) and many more. We have assembled a team of specialists to ensure that the cattle we offer are well-maintained and kept in a hygienic environment to protect them from various diseases. Our vet doctors examine their health and condition timely. Only after the approval of the doctors do we procure them and supply the livestock to our clients. Also, we understand our clients’ buying intention; we provide our high-producing dairy farm animals at the best industry rates. Clients can acquire cattle in a variety of age groups, sexes, milk-producing capacities, and breeds that best fit their needs.

“Dr. Pritam”

Under the direction of “Dr. Pritam,” “Vansh Dairy Farm” is running well. His knowledge and advice, as well as a highly experienced and qualified professional management team, assist in the day-to-day operations of the Dairy farm. The firm can provide the best cattle breeds due to its extensive experience in this sector. We are here to provide you with the best and most professional services at every step. If you are looking for the best cows and buffaloes in PAN India, we are here to assist you!

Why “Vansh Dairy Farm”?

Caring for animals is core to our dairy businesses and is an expectation of society: it is essential for profitable, productive dairy farms. With a constant demand for these items, we have been serving clients according to their needs for over 40 years.

Provide Comfort & Care

We are customers’ first and reliable choice when it comes to buying healthy Cows, Buffaloes as we have excellent, hygienic facilities to keep them. The comfort and care of our cows and buffaloes is our top priority. Cows need to have a lot of time to rest and digest their feed, so we provide a variety of accommodation choices for them. The animals are nurtured in the most sanitary and comfortable environment possible, which fosters their healthy growth.

Proper Housing

Crowded conditions, poor ventilation, and high humidity increase injury and disease. To protect from various diseases and harsh weather, we provide Good housing design and management which are essential for good welfare. We provide enough space for natural social behavior; also arrange plenty of bedding such as straw, so that cows have access to comfortable, clean spaces to rest.

Medical care

Cattle care in dairy farming needs medical support. Vansh Dairy Farm works collaboratively with their vets, who do monthly herd inspections to ensure animals’ health. To prevent health problems and infections, our cattle are thoroughly vaccinated and examined by veterinary specialists. We provide complete information about the feeding habits, breeds, health requirements, and temperament of cattle to provide complete client satisfaction.

Nutritious DIET for High milk producing

Dairy farm animals require a lot of fiber in their diet since they may produce a large amount of milk; thus, they require higher nutrient-dense diets. We hire a nutritionist who develops feed plans and a customized diet for cows based on their age, weight, whether they are milking or dry, and any other health concerns.

Strong Business Relations with Vendors

We pay special focus on maintaining cordial relationships with customers. Trade between two parties becomes easier and profitable when they share a good relationship; this is something well-understood by us, hence, our company adopts several customer-focused approaches to keep customers happy for the long run.

Our Mission

Our mission is to understand the requirements of our clients and provide them with the healthiest Dairy farm animals possible at affordable prices.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a profitable, efficient, and environmentally growing dairy sector based on economically sustainable business performance throughout the value chain.

Key features of Vansh Dairy Farm

  • Practicing good hygiene 
  • Working with skilled vets
  • Maintain the standard of quality
  • Good relationships with our vendors
  • Customer’s satisfaction