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Supplying & Trading Cattle of several breeds HF Cow, Jersey Cow, Sahiwal Cow, Murrah Buffalo since 1980…

About Vansh Dairy Farm

The dairy sector’s growth rate is increasing significantly, which raises the need for farm animals. We, Vansh Dairy Farm are a well-known Supplier and Trader of Dairy Farm Animals. The cattle provided by us comprise Sahiwal Cow, Desi Cow, Kankrej Cow, Murrah Breed Buffalo, Jersey Cow, HF (Holstein Friesian)and many more. We provide chemical-free feed to our cattle, which help us provide the essential nourishment to their bodies, ultimately increasing their milk production capacity. Our pure breed cattle are medically examined by prominent veterinarians, who also design diet plans for them, and after that we feed them. We believe in and maintain ethical treatment of our animals, and take personal care of every cattle. Our Dairy Farms Animals‘ prices are lower than other Haryana livestock suppliers. We provide high-yielding animals at a very low cost to customers throughout India. Our best Dairy Farm Animals are located in Indri Road, Karnal Haryana.

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